Diagram illustrating the distribution of educational facilities throughout the town in phase 3

File documents Cedric Price’s participation in the design charette organized by the School of Architecture at Rice University, for Design Fete IV (4 June 1967 – 16 June 1967), in Houston, Texas. Six teams, each composed of one professional architect and six architecture students, were given a hypothetical location and program for a new town along with its educational needs and asked to create an ‘educationally integrated’ community. The results were published by Rice University in ‘New Schools for New Towns’. File contains conceptual sketches showing plans for self-pace learning, intensive learning, large volume social activities, variable volume social activities, and commercial activities. Other drawings show links between diverse activity elements and illustrate a communications network with a central ‘town brain’. Material in this group includes network analysis diagrams, diagrammatic plans showing activity nodes, and charts depicting design components (‘kit of parts’). Some material in this file was published in: “Total Learning Environment with a Kit of Parts”, ‘Progressive Architecture’ (April 1968), 208-210; ‘Cedric Price-Works II’ (London: Architectural Press, 1984), 18, 26-29; “Atom: Design for New Learning for a New Town”, ‘Architectural Design’ (May 1968), 232-235. Material in this file was produced between 1967 and 1968.

Charles Colbert, Paul Kennon, Niklaus Morganthaler, Robert Venturi and Thomas Vreeland appear as professional participants in the design charette. William Cannady appears as the director of Rice University’s Design Fete IV.

File contains conceptual drawings and textual records.

Canadian Centre for Architecture (1995) AP144.S2.D71 Atom


Canadian Centre for Architecture (1995) Objets numérisés pour:
AP144.S2.D71, Atom

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