Detroit Think Grid

File documents Detroit Think Grid, an unrealized project for a series of experiments which were to be developed by Price in collaboration with various groups in the Greater Detroit and Oakland area and implemented over a five-year period. Collaborators were to include the municipality, industry, commerce, and the existing education network, particularly Oakland County Community College in Detroit, Michigan. The principle aim of the Detroit Think Grid was to make the education “system” flexible and responsive to the needs of the community and readily accessible to everyone. Detroit Think Grid components include mobile units such as swimming pools, public learning booths and packaged workshops. Material in this group consists of existing conditions documentation concerning Oakland County and Oakland Community College campuses, such as aerial photographs of streets, zoning maps and maps of various townships, maps of traffic flow in Oakland County, and site plans of Oakland Community College campuses. Design development drawings include zoning plans showing present and projected uses of various zones, major transportation modes, patterns, and access points, and predictions for general population, school population, and retail growth within Oakland County. Material from this file was published in “Cedric Price Supplement No. 3”, ‘Architectural Design’, vol. 41, (June 1971), 353-363 and ‘Cedric Price-Works II’ (London: Architectural Press, 1984), 54, 66. Material in this file was produced between 1957 and 1975, but predominantly between 1969 and 1971.

Cedric Price presented a conference at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, in Michigan in 1968 and produced 2 reports for them titled ‘Oakland Community College: An Investigation into Educational Servicing’ (1968) and ‘Oakland Community College: An Investigation into New Forms of Learning’ (1968).

File contains cartographic materials, design development drawings, photographic materials, reference drawings, and textual records.

Canadian Centre for Architecture

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